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Based on the Freespace 2-Graphic’s Engine, the team of „The Babylon Project“ created an extraordinary Total Conversion which is a shining beacon in the web to all Babylon 5 fans waiting for the long desired official game. Even for gamers who are less interested in the B5-Universe the game holds a lot, not least the free download which you might even skip if you were lucky enough to spot the Project on the Cover-CD of a gamer’s Magazine.
Most interesting is the single-player version which is represented by several campaigns which have to be downloaded and installed additionally to the base files. This article will introduce the large scale campaigns, primarily the “official” ones which are most likely to become the most common ones and in which most problems might occur.
Before proceeding to the walkthroughs you should read these few general pieces of advice which could prove useful in all campaigns..!


  • Always check for the newest version. Since this is a fan-made project major bugs can have been missed, which could prevent missions from completing properly…
  • After graphics setup you should deal with the controls setup. Don’t get frightened by the large number of functions, which are a heritage of Freespace 2. You will not need many of them!
  • The functions you do need should be mapped directly to keys, since training missions are still missing up to this point and you will be placed directly in action!
  • But you do not have to end a mission when you notice that a special function needed is not key-mapped yet. The “F2”-key allows you to do some changes in options-menus during a mission.
  • The most important functions to map to the keys of your choice are – in my opinion – „Auto Target“ (for activating the automatic targeting which targets the next enemy when you or your AI-companions have destroyed one), „Next closest hostile ship“ (closest enemy to your ship will be targeted), „Next Ship“ (targets the next ship), „Target next subsystem“ (allows you to browse though your target’s subsystems like engines, communication etc. and marks them for better aiming), „Next active turret“ (same as „Target next subsystem“ but now you browse through the turrets of your target – cruisers, freighters, stations, defensive satellites and some rare fighters do have turrets) as well as „Communications menu“ (here you give orders to your AI-wingmen), „Afterburner“ (gives your ship additional speed for limited time) and „Activate Jumpdrives“ (this is the most common methode to end a mission – in some chases the end of a mission is determent and you won’t need this).
  • „Chase View“ could prove an interesting function too. It allows you to see your ship from the outside („3rd-person“), can give you a „cool feeling“ and might help you in maintaining an overview of the situation..!
  • Sometimes the keys for „up/left/right/down thrust“ are quite useful for „strafing“ like it’s called in some other games (first person shooter). Joystick users („Is it possible to play this without a joystick?“ – „Yes, if you want to hurt yourself…“) might use their coolie-hat for this in order to make your controls more flexible.
  • Missions you have successfully accomplished can be played again via a „Mission Simulator“ which can be found in the main menu under „Tech Data“. Several „solo-missions“ are available here too (if you downloaded and installed them!)
  • For further information, updates or advices go for the webpage of the Project
  • Some campaign or mission walkthroughs might be added here in near future. If you wish to add one please feel free to send an Email to

Raider Wars

Earth Minabri War

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Text A. Neumann (2005)
Screenshots A. Neumann (2005)
Translation Jan „0rph3u5“ Dombert
License Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
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